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♠ Communication and Presentation Skills: we will work closely with the nominees, and enable them to improve their written and oral skills. We will assist them to get a certification from an internationally recognized body.

We have done this program for clients such as

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♠ English Fluency: We help you to improve your English fluency. For this we use the ORATOR product developed by SIP Academy India Pvt. Ltd. ( Our classes are held at a 20-seater air-conditioned training hall in Adyar. In case you want to conduct your own training programs, please feel free to contact us.

♠ Office Productivity Tools: we have found this to contribute greatly to the office productivity and to 5S in general. This is targeted for your young talent, and to managers in the making. However middle and senior managers are encouraged to take sharpen the saw?by taking this course. In the two day program, we show folks how to use the MS Office Suite to maximize productivity and most importantly, to bring about consistency and repeatability when we present our work to our customers.

Personal Effectiveness Skills: Communication Skills and Office Productivity Tools can be combined with Grooming Skills and Business Etiquette to form this module, which we strongly recommend for your fresh recruits, who will form your leadership talent pipeline for the future

   ♠ Other courses: In addition to the above, we offer Negotiation Skills, Root Cause Analysis, Creativity and Problem Solving, Business Planning, Change Management and Time Management.

♠ Risk Analysis: this is an excellent tool for personnel in business planning, finance, project management, production planning, R&D. The (proprietary) tool shows how to quantify risk, and take decisions fully understanding the possibilities of success and failure.