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     ♠ We undertake the deployment of Lean Six Sigma, and will offer training as part of the package. We offer a Champions Orientation program, followed by the full five day Six Sigma program. We will also coach the projects, and help in administering the program which will involve the entire gamut of project scoping, preparation of charters, toll gate reviews, benefits realization and maintenance of the dashboard. Related stand-alone programs such as Seven QC Tools, Design of Experiments, Statistics for Managers, MINITAB training are also offered.

     ♠ Leadership Development Programs: We have experience in designing and implementing Leadership Development Programs for middle managers. Our scope will not be limited to designing and executing the program alone; instead we will work in tandem with the HR department to follow up, and strive to reach Kirkpatrick's Level 4, which is Results.

     ♠ We can help you with your ISO and other quality related initiative. We can impart training, conduct internal audits, guide the preparation of documentation, and assist in facing the external audits.