Nandakishore Varma

Specializes in: Process Hazard Analysis Studies such as HAZID, Bow-Tie, Barrier Management, HAZOP,

LOPA, SIL and QRA; Process Safety Management


1. B. Tech Chemical Engineering at Government Engineering College, University of Calicut, India,


2. NEBOSH International General Certificate, 2012

3. Post Graduate Diploma in Finance from Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi, 1998

4. Certified Lead Auditor for ISO 14001 from Marsden Institute, UK, 1999



i. HAZOP for modifications done in existing EOD2 unit of EGS, Shell Eastern Petroleum (Pte)

Ltd, Jurong Island, Singapore for SCIPPY Process

ii. HAZOP for Furnace Installation at IISc, Bangalore

iii. HAZOP for all Process Units of United Breweries Limited, Mysore

iv. HAZOP for Ethanol Plant of DCM Sugars, Shahjahanpur, UP

v. HAZOP for KRI SARTA Stage 1A EPF Project, for Oilserv/ Chevron, Dubai

vi. HAZOP for Carbon Black Plant, Ghaziabad, for Continental Carbon India Ltd.

vii. HAZOP for Alumina Fusion Plant, CUMI Minerals Division, Kochi, Kerala, India

viii. HAZOP for Solar Power Plant for Godavari Green Energy Limited, Rajasthan, India

ix. HAZOP for Boehmite Plant, CUMI Minerals Division, Kochi, Kerala, India

x. HAZOP for Condensate Splitter Unit for KAR Company, Erbil, Iraq as Third Party Chairman

for Petrocil Engineers

xi. HAZOP of Petronet MHB Multiproduct Pipeline from Mangalore to Bangalore

xii. HAZOP for OCL Cement Plant at Rajgangpur, Odisha

xiii. HAZOP of EDDC Test Cell for GE, Bangalore

xiv. HAZOP for Effluent Treatment Plants of United Breweries Ltd at three locations: Malleppally,

Telengana; Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh; and Kalyani, West Bengal

xv. HAZOP for Refractory Thermal Fibre Plant of MMTCL, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

United Arab Emirates

xvi. HAZID/ HAZOP for Provision Of EPCC Of Well Conversion For Water Injection For PCIHBV’s

Garraf Operations, Iraq

xvii. HAZOP for EMARAT JAT, Dubai

xviii. HAZOP for FEED for NEB Phase III Development (Al-Dabaiyya) as 3rd Party facilitator for


xix. HAZOP for Borouge PMPs (miscellaneous jobs) at Ruwais

xx. HAZOP for Provision of Pressure Reducing Station for WI Pipelines Having Permanent

Pigging Facility at Umm Shaif and Zakum, for ADMA-OPCO

xxi. HAZOP for TRF Control System Upgrade for L&T as 3rd Party HAZOP Facilitator. Dolphin

Energy Ltd. was the client.

xxii. HAZOP for Replacement of Emergency Diesel Generators at Zirku Island, for ZADCO

xxiii. HAZOP for Halfaya Gas Receiving Station for CPE, China

xxiv. HAZOP for Badra Tank Farm and Gas Export Pipeline (Iraq) for Gazprom Neft Badra B.V.


xxv. HAZOP for GASCO Habshan Utilities and Injection Compressors (13 Units – extended

workshops spread over two months) as 3rd Party

xxvi. HAZOP for Upgradation of GASCO Metering Skid

xxvii. HAZOP for FEED for Production Infrastructure at Badra Oilfield, Iraq

xxviii. HAZOP for Feed Study For Installation Of Condensate Pot with LCS for Stabilizer Reboiler


xxix. HAZOP for ADMA Assess and Select for Upgradation and Replacement for Piping Network in

Das Island

xxx. Supplementary HAZOP for ADMA 100 MBD project

xxxi. HAZOP for Installation of new MPFM in Satah WH-03 for ZADCO

xxxii. HAZOP for ZADCO Propane Depressurisation Project


HAZOP for Tube Leak Protection on Gas Cooler of DGP TRAIN – 1 for Exterran, Oman as Third Party

Chairman for Petrocil Engineers



xxxiii. HAZID Workshop for Deccan Chemicals, Goa

xxxiv. HAZID for Furnace Installation at IISc, Bangalore

xxxv. Comprehensive HAZID for Chlor-Alkali Plant of Grasim in Rehla, India

United Arab Emirates

xxxvi. HAZID for FEED of Electrical, Control System and Pigging Facility at Umm Shaif for ADNOC


xxxvii. HAZID for Ethane Sphere Project for Borouge

xxxviii. HAZID for Replacement /Relocation of Lube Oil Coolers at ZWSC Project for ADMA-OPCO

xxxix. HAZID/ ENVID for LCAD AUP Project for ZADCO

xl. HAZID/ ENVID for Borouge PMPs (miscellaneous jobs) at Ruwais

xli. HAZID/ ENVID for Replacement of Emergency Diesel Generators at Zirku Island, for ZADCO

xlii. HAZID/ ENVID for Badra Tank Farm and Gas Export Pipeline (Iraq) for Gazprom Neft Badra

B.V. (FEED )

xliii. HAZID/ ENVID for ADMA Zakum Short Term Power Supply Project (Conceptual)

xliv. HAZID/ ENVID for ZADCO Propane Depressurisation Project (FEED)

xlv. HAZID/ ENVID for ADCO Habshan (Phase-1) Development Project (Conceptual)

xlvi. HAZID/ ENVID for GASCO Habshan Injection Compressor Control System Upgrade Project



xlvii. Supplementary HAZID for Feasibility Study and Concept Optimization for Dukhan Production

Facilities Upgrade, QP

xlviii. HAZID for Halliburton Consolidation Project Yard 2 for QP

xlix. HAZID/ ENVID for Hot Oil Crude Oil Project for Qatar Petroleum (FEED)

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