Optimize, Enhance, Deliver with Data-Driven Decisions.

About us

Ekaagra Solutions, founded in November 2008, provides specialized expertise in Quality and Process Control, Data Science, and Analytics. In addition to consultancy services, we offer both in-house training sessions and online instructor-led courses on Machine Learning, Quality & Process Control and Quality Management Systems, among others.

With core team members across a diverse range of backgrounds, our solutions are uniquely customized for different sectors. We enable our clients to use their data assets to facilitate better decision making, accelerated growth and gain an edge over the competition.

What we do

We offer consulting solutions and training services in

Data Science

Strategy, Sales and Marketing

HR and Organizational Development

Quality and Processes

Core Team

Ramdas Menon

Dr. Ravi Damodaran

Babu Nedungelil

Team Members

  • Ramdas Menon

    Founder & CEO

    Ramdas Menon Founder (Six Sigma, Data Science) Specializes in: Lean Six Sigma training and consulting...

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  • Dr. Ravi Damodaran

    VP Sales and Marketing

    Dr. Ravi Damodaran (Strategy and Processes) CERTIFICATION AND MEMBERSHIP: 1. Master Black Belt from...

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  • Babu Nedungelil

    Chief Finance Officer

    Babu Nedungelil Specializes in: Deployment of Quality Management Systems (mainly ISO), Quality Control...

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  • Nandakishore Varma

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Nandakishore Varma Specializes in: Process Hazard Analysis Studies such as HAZID, Bow-Tie, Barrier...

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  • Hemant Padhye

    Financial Advisor

    Hemant Padhye Specializes in: Engineering Program Management for automotive, Marketing EDUCATION...

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  • Rekha Nair

    Financial Advisor

    Rekha Nair (HR Systems) areas of expertise Business transformation Restructuring and turnaround...

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  • Bhaskaran KM


    Bhaskaran KM Specializes in: Enterprise Business Solutions and Project Management with Manufacturing...

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  • Santanu Chatterjee

    Financial Advisor

    Santanu Chatterjee Specializes in: Data Science, Programming in C++, Python, LINUX, Perl etc BRIEF...

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  • Pradeep C

    Financial Advisor

    Pradeep C Specializes in: Lean Six Sigma training and consulting services, BRIEF PROFILE AND KEY...

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  • Vivek Namboodiripad

    Financial Advisor

    Vivek Namboodiripad Specializes in: Training and consulting services in QMS ISO 9001:2015, EMS ISO...

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  • KT Rajagopalan

    Financial Advisor

    KT Rajagopalan Specializes in: Training and consulting for BFSI sector. Independent evaluator for...

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  • KV Rajashekar

    Tax Consultant

    KV Rajashekar CERTIFICATIONS AND MEMBERSHIPS: 1. Indian Institute of Management , Bangalore –...

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More than 300 Person-Years of Collective Wisdom

Why Choose us

Diverse Team

Experts from a diverse range of backgrounds including businesses, major corporations and academia

Customized Solutions & Client-Centric Approach

Tailored strategies focused on your unique needs

Quality Assurance

Emphasis on quality control and assurance methodologies to enhance your processes and ensure optimal performance

Value for Money

Cost-efficiency without compromising on the quality and impact of our strategic solutions.

Blogs & Case Studies


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