Ramdas Menon Founder (Six Sigma, Data Science)

Specializes in: Lean Six Sigma training and consulting services, consulting and training in Applied Statistics,

especially experimental design (DOE), engineering project management, and HR Management Systems


1. M.Tech.in chemical engg from IIT-M in 1990 and MBA (distance learning) in HR from ICFAI

2. 12 yr in consulting and 18 yr corporate experience in M.N. Dastur & Co, General Electric (GE),

TVS Electronics (TVS-E) and Pfizer

3. Senior Member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) since Jul 2006

4. Certified Six Sigma Black Belt from ASQ in October 2004 and Certified Reliability Engineer

also from ASQ in March 2012

5. Green Belt from General Electric (GE), March 2002

6. Published a paper on Experimental Design at the ASQ India Conference at Ahmedabad, Nov 14



i. Six Sigma DMAIC and DFSS, Advanced DOE from GE – 2001

ii. TQM training at TVS-E – 2005

iii. Project Management in TVS-E – 2005

iv. LSS Black Belt training in Pfizer, Dublin – 2008

v. Game Theory, Linear and Dynamic Programming in Pfizer – 2008

vi. Minitab Refresher course in 2009


i. Six Sigma (DMAIC) to about 100 people in 2003 at GE

ii. Six Sigma (DMAIC), Seven QC Tools, 5S at TVS-E from Feb 04 to Jan 07

iii. Leadership Development Program for TVS-E Chennai in Nov 05

iv. Business Communication Skills and Facilitation Skills in TVS-E, Chennai

v. Lean Six Sigma (DMAIC) in Pfizer India – 7 waves from Feb 07 to Aug 08.

vi. Project Management training under the auspices of the PMI, Chennai, 2010

vii. SQC and 7 QC Tools at Akzo Nobel, 2010-13

viii. Reliability Engineering at Delphi Automotive Systems Ltd., Bangalore, 2011

ix. Process Excellence at Connexios and Achira Labs, Bangalore, 2011-12

x. DOE at Gharda Chemicals Ltd., Mumbai, 2011-12

xi. Statistical Methods and Communication Skills at Keystone (now LKQ), Bangalore, 2013

xii. DOE at Laurus Labs, Hyderabad, 2014-15

xiii. Statistical Methods and Game Theory at EQUATE, Kuwait, ongoing since 2014

xiv. DOE at Carborundum Universal, Chennai, 2016

xv. DOE at TVS Srichakra, Madurai, 2016

xvi. DOE and LSS at Huntsman, Mumbai, 2017

xvii. Process Mapping and 7 QC Tools at Sowparnika, Bangalore, ongoing since 2016

xviii. DOE at Syngene International, Bangalore in 2019

xix. DOE at Praj Industries, Pune in 2019


1. Detailed engg, site supervision of erection and assistance in commissioning of Rotary Kiln for Tata

Refractories Ltd, Belpahar in 1994

2. Detailed engg, site supervision of erection and assistance in commissioning of (i) MIDREX Shaft

Furnace for HBI production and (ii) Walking Beam Billet Reheating Furnace at Libyan Iron and

Steel Company, Misurata from 1996-98

3. Technology transfer program in General Electric – increase in competency levels and a year on

year savings of $200,000; supervised 2 Six Sigma projects in GE, 2001-04

4. Increase in capacity utilization of an Offshore Development Center in Harita Infoserve – savings

of $ 62000 per annum; Supervised 12 projects in HaritaInfoserve, completed 4 from 2004-07

5. Supervised to completion 22 projects in Pfizer leading to a cost savings and avoidance of around

$ 3 MM in 2007-08

6. DOE training, planning of experiments and statistical analysis of results for three groups in Dr.

Reddys Laboratories and Laurus Labs in 2013-15

7. DOE training, planning of experiments and statistical analysis of results at TVS Srichakra,

Madurai, 2016

8. DOE training, planning of experiments and statistical analysis of results at Huntsman, Mumbai

since 2017

9. Preparation of Lean Six Sigma training material for EQUATE Petrochemical Company, Kuwait in

2017-18, and several waves of training there in Statistical Methods

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    We reached out to Ekaagra for an ASQ BOQ based training on Supplier Quality Audit. Ramdas and Babu did a great job engaging our diverse team (which had members from India, China and Malayasia), covered the practical standpoints of the course and conducted an assessment to gauge the effectiveness of the training. Ramdas has rich technical skills but what differentiates him is his ability to engage the class with anecdotes and hold their attention by personalizing case studies and class exercises. His sense of humor is an added bonus! I would highly recommend him as a corporate trainer for organizations looking for positive outcomes which can be quantified.

    Jayakumar Gopalan
    Director Strategic Sourcing (AMEA), Avantor, Avantor

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